China's First And Currently Only Commercial Aerospace Industry Service Platform

FutureSpace Research Institute is the first domestic commercial aerospace industry service platform, and has long been committed to promoting the development of the commercial aerospace industry

● Focusing on research and consulting on the commercial aerospace industry, regularly publishing commercial aerospace industry trends, investment research reports, Entrusted with local governments to undertake the development of commercial aerospace industry, industrial planning and industrial investment promotion, etc., and commissioned by domestic and foreign commercial aerospace companies to carry out commercial aerospace market application research work;

● Build an international commercial aerospace exchange platform, and undertake international and national forums and exhibitions for many years, including international aerospace Joint Conference China Branch, China Aerospace Conference International Forum on Commercial Aerospace Industry, Silk Road Commercial Aerospace Conference, hosting FutureSpace Forum and Commercial Aerospace Supply Chain Exhibition, etc.;

● Serve domestic and foreign commercial aerospace institutions, including government agencies, colleges and universities, and enterprises. Through the establishment of a membership system, Initiate a membership alliance to provide a full range of services to facilitate the coordinated development of the commercial aerospace industry;

● Connect the upstream and downstream industry chain resources of commercial aerospace, and provide customers with one-stop on-orbit delivery and commercial advertising service.

FutureSpace Research Institute is a member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), a member of the Belt and Road Space Innovation Alliance, a co-sponsor and governing unit of the China Commercial Aerospace Industry Alliance, and a co-sponsor and governing unit of the Silk Road International Commercial Aerospace Industry Alliance. At present, there are branches in Beijing, Xiong'an, Xi'an, Wuhan, Sanya, Hong Kong and other places

FutureSpace Research Institute

Industry Service

Resource Operation

Research and consulting: to build an authoritative industrial think tank in the domestic commercial aerospace field
Forum Exhibition: Diversified industry activities promote industry exchanges
Member services: Ten service modules, providing members with a full range of market services

Resource Integration

Project initiation: Promoting collaborative innovation and development of commercial aerospace
International business: Accelerating the internationalization of China’s commercial aerospace industry

Value Output

On-orbit delivery: creating a one-stop aerospace turnkey project
Commercial advertising: increasing the visibility of commercial aerospace companies

2019 China Aerospace Conference·International Forum on Commercial Aerospace Industry
April 23-24, 2019 / Changsha, Hunan

The 2nd Silk Road Commercial Space Conference
October 31, 2019 Xi'an, Shaanxi

The 2nd Silk Road Commercial Space Conference
October 31, 2019 / Shaanxi·Xi'an

Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) "Land, Sea and Air" International Cooperation and Exchange Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Development
Special Session Three: Commercial Aerospace Industry Development and International Cooperation and Exchange Conference
November 19, 2019/Hainan· Haikou

FutureSpace Forum and Commercial Aerospace Supply Chain Exhibition
December 10, 2019 /Beijing

The 3rd China Space Conference·International Forum on Commercial Space Industry (Online)
April 24-25, 2020

2020 China Aerospace Conference·International Forum on Commercial Space Industry
September 18-19, 2020

2020 Silk Road International Commercial Space Industry Alliance Conference
November 5-6, 2020

FutureSpace Industry Fund

Fund Introduction

Fund Overview

FutureSpace is one of the first domestic investment institutions involved in the commercial aerospace industry. It started investing in early commercial aerospace projects as early as 2015, and it was also the first in China. An investment institution that has completed the investment layout of the entire industrial chain of commercial aerospace. At present, FutureSpace investment projects have covered rocket manufacturing and launching, satellite design and manufacturing, satellite management and operation and maintenance, satellite applications, satellite communications operations, satellite remote sensing operations, and aerospace financial services. The investment projects include rocket manufacturing and launching service company Blue Arrow Aerospace, satellite manufacturing company Micro Nano Star, metal 3D printing company Xin Jinghe, satellite measurement and control service company Yuhang Zhike, etc.

Investment Strategy

Operational Enterprise
Satellite measurement and control service enterprise (Aerospace Intelligence), satellite remote sensing operation enterprise, satellite communication operation enterprise
Service Enterprise
Aerospace Financial Service Enterprise (Huijin Aerospace)
Manufacturing Enterprise
rocket manufacturing and launch service enterprise (Blue Arrow Aerospace), satellite Manufacturing company (micro-nano starry sky), metal 3D printing company (Xinjinghe), digital twin design and manufacturing company (Jinghang Weitai), high-power electromechanical servo system manufacturing company\ optical remote sensing payload manufacturing company, synthetic aperture radar payload manufacturing company \ Laser communication manufacturing companies, etc.
Application-Oriented Enterprise
Satellite weather service enterprise (Vientiane Tianyu), remote sensing application service enterprise, deep space exploration application enterprise

FutureSpace Project Cooperation

Research Consultation

● Planning Consultation

Starting from 2019, the FutureSpace Research Institute has undertaken the preparation of the "China Commercial Aerospace Development Annual Report" commissioned by the China Aerospace Foundation and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Science and Technology Committee, and independently developed Developed a commercial aerospace information management system, covering dynamic information and data on policies, industries, regions, enterprises, investment and financing, etc., and continuously tracked 200 representative commercial aerospace companies and 200 representative commercial aerospace investment institutions. The commercial aerospace information system was updated and perfected, and the only domestic commercial aerospace database system was built. The FutureSpace Research Institute is entrusted by the parks in Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan and other areas where the aerospace industry is concentrated, and has undertaken a number of local governments and parks’ commercial aerospace industry development planning research projects, and compiled regional and park commercial aerospace industry special projects Reports on planning, industrial chain investment promotion, etc., and public products of the "Annual Report on China's Commercial Space Industry Investment" are released to the public.
FutureSpace Research Institute planning consulting services include:
1. Compilation of special planning and special research on regional/park commercial aerospace industry;
2. Research on investment promotion of regional/park commercial aerospace industry chain;
3. Regional economic and social development planning, commercial aerospace research, etc.

● Business Consulting

Since 2015, FutureSpace (formerly the Creative Angel Fund) has invested in commercial aerospace startups and established a strategy with the entrepreneurs who entered the commercial aerospace track first Sexual partnership, and at the same time brought together a group of management experts, technical experts and industry experts in aerospace and related fields from government agencies, aerospace central enterprises, private enterprises, colleges and universities, forming a "small core, large periphery" expert talent Team. Based on the advantages of experts, the FutureSpace Research Institute has successively provided satellite Internet communication market research, satellite intelligent research base and space-based WIFI constellation project demonstration, Chinese Academy of Sciences Department of Commercial Aerospace for OneWeb, a well-known international commercial aerospace company and many well-known domestic commercial aerospace companies. Consulting services such as corporate topic research and commercial rocket company sci-tech innovation board listing path research provide intellectual support for the strategic development planning of commercial aerospace companies, market business expansion, fixed asset investment, foreign equity investment and financing, and other business management tasks.
FutureSpace Research Institute corporate consulting services include:
1. Special research on strategic development planning of commercial aerospace enterprises;
2. Commercial aerospace industry/market research in specific fields;
3. Feasibility study of commercial aerospace fixed asset investment projects;
4. Feasibility study on foreign equity investment/financing projects of commercial aerospace companies, etc.

With the rapid development of commercial aerospace, there are huge risks. There are too many unpredictable hidden in the vast space, and any single accident can cause tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of losses. Therefore, a powerful professional organization is required to escort the development of space. In this regard, FutureSpace has carried out in-depth cooperation with PICC P&C Xi’an branch, and jointly established China’s first commercial aerospace insurance innovation research institute in Xi’an High-tech Zone on March 29, 2019; and with the National Space Administration’s space debris monitoring Authoritative academic institutions such as the Application Center have established strategic partnerships to carry out follow-up observations and risk management of space debris. Picture of aerospace insurance-China's first commercial aerospace insurance innovation research institute was established in Xi'an

Looking at the global aerospace market, the history of buying insurance for satellites can be traced back to 1965. For the first time, US International Communications Satellite Company purchased pre-launch insurance underwritten by Lloyd's Insurance Group for its own "Early Bird" satellite. From 1965 to 1968, because insurance companies didn't know anything about the aerospace industry, in order to control risks, insurance companies covered only on the ground, that is, before launch. In the following years, as insurance companies and insurance brokers have a better understanding of satellite launch technology, the underwriting period has gradually expanded until the satellite enters orbit and operates normally, which is usually 180 days. After years of continuous adjustments and changes, the satellite insurance system has become more and more perfect. Now it can be roughly divided into pre-launch insurance, launch insurance, in-orbit insurance and third-party liability insurance. my country's commercial aerospace started relatively late, and the aerospace insurance industry is also in a stage of continuous growth in exploration. Currently, due to the lack of technical and data support, the coverage of my country's commercial aerospace insurance is mostly limited to pre-launch insurance and launch insurance. Since its establishment, the Commercial Insurance Innovation Institute has been committed to perfecting my country’s commercial aerospace insurance system, regularly researching and discussing the risks and protections of commercial banks in the industry, including rocket launches and launch delays, low-orbit satellites and small satellite constellations, Satellite measurement and control, and space debris, etc.

Special seminar on risk management of low-orbit satellite constellations
China’s first commercial aerospace insurance innovation research institute jointly established by PICC P&C Xi’an Branch and FutureSpace was held at Zhongguancun No. 1 in Beijing Symposium on Risk Management of Orbiting Satellite Constellations
Satellite Monitoring and Control Risk Assurance Seminar

Space Debris Risk Assurance Management Seminar
The Commercial Aerospace Insurance Innovation Research Institute jointly established by PICC P&C Xi’an Branch and FutureSpace Co., Ltd. gathers space debris experts and leaders in Sanya Zhongke Remote Sensing Information The industrial park holds a seminar on space debris risk assurance management

Rocket Launch Delay Risk Management Symposium
The Commercial Aerospace Insurance Innovation Research Institute jointly established by PICC P&C Xi’an Branch and FutureSpace and together with digital rocket engine experts was held in Beijing Zhongguancun One A unique symposium on the risk management of rocket launch delays

Satellite Measurement and Control Risk Assurance Seminar
The Commercial Aerospace Insurance Innovation Research Institute jointly established by PICC P&C Xi’an Branch and FutureSpace held a satellite measurement and control risk assurance seminar at Zhongguancun No. 1 in Beijing seminar.

We will continue to explore and innovate in the field of commercial aerospace insurance. With the support of experts and leaders from all walks of life, we will provide a more comprehensive and reliable guarantee for China's aerospace industry!
NO.1 Demand Pain Points
● Only understand the requirements, but do not know the specific implementation process of the project;
● Only pay attention to the overall quotation, easy to step on the key technical details;
● Without understanding the supply chain and lack of alternative suppliers, it is difficult to shop around;
● The aerospace engineering chain is long, and it is difficult to find one or two experts to solve the problem from the overall consideration;
● Lack of project coordination, the engineering designer only took care of the design. In the final implementation, it was found that the rocket launch could not meet the orbit and satellite design requirements;
● There is no warranty or insurance for the satellite in orbit, and it took a few months to break down and all the investment was lost;
● Although it is Party A, it loses the right to speak after the project is launched.
NO.2 Solution

As a professional third-party service provider in the future, Aerospace will stand on the user’s standpoint, safeguard the interests of users, and fully control the entire process of project implementation.

One-Stop, Turnkey Project

Users don’t need to care about specific technical details, but only need to put forward data requirements. In the future, Aerospace will be responsible for coordinating the entire industry chain to provide one-stop solutions.

Personalized Solutions

Comprehensive customization of the entire system plan, fully customized design according to user data, to meet the different needs of users.

Third Party Supervision Service

Provide a professional team of experts to form a supervisor, review technical solutions, and monitor the entire process of orbit design, satellite manufacturing and launch, and data reception.

Data Application-Service

Provide remote sensing data distribution solutions for satellite owners; provide satellite data application solutions for users who only need data services.

NO.3 Collaborative Services Across The Industry Chain

Satellite Manufacturing
Using advanced micro-satellite platform, carrying high-resolution optical remote sensing payload or microwave remote sensing payload to form a remote sensing satellite constellation
Satellite launch
Using small and medium-sized launch vehicles to achieve multiple satellites launching satellites into orbit with one arrow
Satellite measurement and control
Through the ground measurement and control station and data station, the safe operation management and data reception of the satellite
Satellite applications
Satellite communications, remote sensing, positioning and other applications, through processing and analysis of data obtained by satellites, to meet the relevant needs of the society

NO.4 Service Process

NO.5 Supervision Guarantee

NO.6 Project Financing

NO.1 Space Technology Laboratory

The Space Science and Technology Laboratory serves the research, teaching, and postgraduate training of advanced space manufacturing technology, covering the entire process of satellite design, satellite manufacturing, satellite measurement and control, and satellite applications. The laboratory gathers space High-quality talents in the field of science and technology gather resources from multiple sources to form a joint force for development, and are committed to realizing major innovative breakthroughs in scientific research through pilot trials.

NO.2 Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

The advanced manufacturing laboratory responds to the educational reform requirements of the Ministry of Education’s "New Engineering", realizes the integration of production and education, integrates talent training, scientific research, and scientific and technological services. "Industry and technology as commodities", build an innovation ecosystem that promotes industrial technology R&D and transformation, and realize the dream of R&D science and technology.

NO.3 Off-Campus Talent Training Base

The off-campus talent training base is the main channel for students to actively participate in the construction of the national innovation system, serve the society, region and industry, and provide students with a good practice learning platform and growth environment through practical activities , Integrate classroom knowledge with enterprise technology projects, understand industry trends, and identify development positioning, while providing college teachers with professional teacher training opportunities to make up for the lack of solid classroom teaching. Through the establishment of off-campus talent training bases, substantive cooperation can be carried out to achieve win-win cooperation and common development.

Global Cooperation

Aerospace has a natural global attribute. Since its establishment, FutureSpace has always firmly believed that international exchanges and cooperation are the key factors for the development and prosperity of the new aerospace era. In the future, Aerospace will actively join international space organizations, participate in and organize international exchange activities, and build a platform for international exchanges and cooperation for commercial aerospace companies.
FutureSpace Research Institute becomes a member unit of "One Belt One Road" Space Innovation Alliance
The 2020 International Astronautical Conference (IAC) China Branch was successfully held in Beijing
FutureSpace was invited to participate in the 2019 British Aerospace University
China-Russia Commercial Aerospace Seminar held in Shanghai

FutureSpace Member Service

Member System

One-To-One Investment And Financing Service

After the member company and Mirae Aerospace sign a confidentiality agreement and a financial advisory agreement; the FutureSpace investment team conducts an investment analysis and issues an investment report; matches appropriate investment institutions to initially communicate investment intentions; Institutions go to corporate roadshows; follow-up investment progress.

Investment And Financing Matchmaking Meeting

Regularly organize member companies to conduct a one-to-many investment and financing matchmaking meeting with the founders of "Investment Institutions Roadshow".

Investment And Financing Roadshow Forum

Regularly organize offline and online investment and financing roadshow forums, and invite member companies to participate in the business space conference investment and financing roadshow forums.

Public Relations Consultation
· Public Relations Consulting
· Research and Report
· Crisis Management
· Stakeholder Relations
Planned Communication
· Communication strategy formulation
· Culture and Symbol Design
· Brand Communication
· Influence of Public Opinion
Event Management
· Important guest invitation
· Government Public Relations
· Event Planning and Design
· Activity execution
Media PR
· Media communication
· Press Release
· Awards selection recommendation
· Summit Participation
Public Affairs
· Corporate Social Responsibility Management
· Public Opinion Monitoring
· Corporate Culture Construction